Monday, February 01, 2010

Moofies - Law Abiding Citizen

EXPECTATIONS: I find it hard to watch an actor whose name ends in with two x’s being extremely serious, and I really don’t understand why Gerard Butler is famous. The trailer for this looks a bit silly to be honest, but it was recommended that I check it out, so I will.

REALITY: This was pretty enjoyable and had my complete attention for the entire running time. Butler loses his family in a horrible way and wants justice, but due to loopholes and deals made by lawyer Jamie Foxx, he feels that justice is not served. Ten years later Butler gets his revenge, not only on the criminals at fault but on the justice system that he sees as broken.

It’s kind of neat when a film makes both the protagonist and the antagonist fairly sympathetic. As the film goes on, the story becomes more and more ridiculous and any sympathy set up early in the film is lost, but it doesn’t stop it from being entertaining. Without giving too much away, the film kept me guessing pretty much all the way through. What bothered me was the ‘boyfriend’ character. There is a character who is spoken of, but that we never see. I was so sure that this was because there was a huge twist coming up involving the boyfriend, but no twist came. That’s fine, but then the ‘boyfriend’ sends Foxx an email which pretty much helps him solve the case and the mystery. We never see the ‘boyfriend’, so it just feels like a convenient plot point thrown in to get things moving. That’s just me being picky though. This was mostly a solid Hollywood thriller with some decent lashings of gore. I still don’t get why Butler is famous though.


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