Monday, April 26, 2010

My Favourite Television Characters Of All Time - Part Ten

#10 - Howard TJ Moon (Julian Barratt) - The Mighty Boosh

Howard Moon is the straight man in the comedy duo that is Howard and Vince, but Moon is the coolest, oddest straight man ever. Vince is a glammy, girly-man rock god hipster guy, while Howard is a shirt and pants man with a mustache who is obsessed with jazz fusion.

When Moon talks to members of the opposite sex it is extremely awkward and painful. He's so wrapped up in his own world that he thinks talking about jazz is a sure fire hit with the ladies. He gets angry and frustrated and scared very easily, especially when taken out of his very specific comfort zone. One of my favourite Moon moments is when Howard creates a small town out of stationary. If anything is picked up it must be put back in its designated place. Another favourite moment, when Moon catches Old Gregg. Old Gregg almost made my list (I think "The Legend of Old Gregg" is a fantastic introduction to Boosh if you've never seen it) but there's only one thing funnier than the insanity of Old Gregg, and that's Howard's reactions to it.

Throughout the three series of Boosh Howard and Vince have been zoo keepers, played in a band and lived together, and run an antique store. These seemingly simple scenarios lead the duo into some pretty surreal circumstances, but Howard is still Howard throughout. Jazz is still the most important thing in the universe, Howard still sees himself as dashing, mysterious, and intelligent, and Vince and Howard are still really good friends.

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