Friday, April 23, 2010

My Favourite Television Characters Of All Time - Part Eight

#8 - Larry David (Larry David) - Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David is the co-creator of Seinfeld, and in Curb Your Enthusiasm David plays a more abrasive version of himself. The dialog is ad-libbed, and I think it's probably the only ad-libbed thing I've ever seen that doesn't feel completely awkward (unless it's being awkward on purpose).

The character version of Larry David is living in a nice big house with his wife, still enjoying the success of the Seinfeld show. He's rarely working on any other projects, so he spends his time bitching and exploring the minute details of everyday situations.

Larry David says the things I wish I had the balls to say. If he sees something dodgy going on in a social situation he points it out and argues against it, despite how it makes other people feel. One of my favourite moments was when David is about to meet Ben Stiller. Stiller has a cold and sneezes into his hand. David sees this, so when Ben offers his hand out for a handshake Larry refuses to shake it and his face shows disgust. Stiller is offended, and a bunch of hilarious events spiral from there.

Another great moment is when Larry hooks up with a younger woman, Loretta. Things aren't really working out and Larry feels like they should break up, but Loretta gets sick. It's possibly cancer, so Larry struggles over what to do, and if he can really break up with someone who has just found out they have cancer without seeming like the hugest jerk ever. It's pretty grim stuff, but hearing Larry talk about it candidly and honestly is hilarious and refreshing.

It's great to see a character who says 'no' to assumed social norms and questions everything. It makes him unpopular with his friends, but he doesn't care. What a champ.

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