Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moofies - Frontier(s) - (2007)

EXPECTATIONS: I recently watched and loved Martyrs, a French horror film, so I want to see if there are any other French horror films that live up to the standard that Martyrs has set in my mind. All I know about Frontier(s) is that it is French and it looks 'extreme'.

REALITY: This is yet another version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that nobody asked for. Admittedly, there is a bit of difference this time. Rather than just another straight rip-off of the original crazy redneck family that eats people, this family runs an Inn, and they are neo-Nazis.

The family is trying to keep a 'pure' blood line going, but all attempts so far have failed, resulting in mutant looking children roaming around in the caverns beneath the Nazi home. This was kind of interesting and creepy, but for some reason the film makers insisted on these Nazi's also being cannibals, which just adds to an already messy plot. There is also some kind of political rioting going on in the streets, which our protagonists are escaping from. There's also some kind of love triangle situation going on between the group of youth/victims, and they've also stolen money from somewhere for some reason. Also, the Inn is one base of two that the Nazi's have, the other being an abandoned mine/farm or something.

I realise this sounds messy, but that's because the film is messy. It's all a bit vague and plot lines seem to be included in order to scare us rather than serve any kind of storyline. There are a couple of creepy moments (two of the youf being chased up a tiny tunnel with little light and air was fairly claustrophobic and tense) but I was yawning a fair bit during Frontier(s). More blood and more shock does not necessarily equal more scares or more entertainment, but the production values were still quite high and it was nice to see an attempt at something a little different.


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