Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Favourite Television Characters Of All Time - Part Fourteen

#14 - Claire Fisher (Lauren Ambrose) - Six Feet Under

Firstly, it's ridiculous how much I love this show. After a couple of black comedy advert gags that didn't quite work in the first episode, I think the rest is perfect television. It's funny in a strange real life dark sort of way and dramatically believable.

Claire Fisher is the youngest kid in a family that runs a funeral home. The funeral home is also the family home, so she has been surrounded by death her entire life.

Claire is extremely dry, sarcastic and biting, but she also totally cares about her family and is the first person to try and help when something crazy is going on. She is an artist who constantly questions reality and the point of life. She has a few sexual relationships throughout the series, many of them ending horribly and leaving Claire heartbroken and mistreated, but most of those relationships resurface at least once more after they have ended because Claire sees some importance in the connections between people.

Claire's final relationship is with Ted, a guy she meets at a law firm where she eventually works. Ted is a Republican who listens to pop music and the two of them have differing views on many things, but their care for each other is mutual and they end up getting married.

Claire lives to be 101. I hope I last that long.

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