Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Favourite Television Characters Of All Time - Part Eighteen

#18 - Lynda Day (Julia Sawahla) - Press Gang

I hadn't seen Press Gang for years, but due to a friend buying and lending me the first season on DVD (thanks Jon) I was reminded of how much I like this character.

Sawalha may be familiar to you as the daughter who had to be suffering from some form of child abuse in Absolutely Fabulous, but in Press Gang she is Lynda Day, editor of the Junior Gazette.

Lynda takes her job deadly seriously. I'm not even sure how she has time for school work, or a life at all, because we only see her spending every hour of the day trying to run a newspaper. She's extremely opinionated, strong, and very abrasive. Most people just write her off as a total bitch face mole (people aren't called 'moles' often enough anymore) but Lynda just uses her hard ass exterior to hide the fact that she is completely socially inept and afraid of social interaction.

The first episode of the series sees Spike, the rebellious American played by a Brit, join the paper as a way to stay in school. Spike sees something in Lynda that no one else does and spends pretty much the entire series infatuated with her. Lynda can see something in him but can't get over his jokey-ness and rebelliousness, while liking it at the same time (another pattern is evolving in these choices. Why am I attracted to stories involving rebellious or idiotic guys hooking up with strong smart women who should know better?.... ah, who cares).

Sawahla's great scratchy voice and mostly completely scruffy hair match perfectly with Lynda's character and I dig it.

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