Thursday, August 05, 2010

Moofies - The Cry of the Owl (2009)

EXPECTATIONS: It seems Julia Stiles is still acting, so expect to watch her in this. Hopefully she won't be dancing to R&B.

REALITY: This is an odd film.

Paddy (Robert Forrester) spends a lot of time hiding in the woods, watching Jenny (Julia Stiles) as she washes the dishes and cooks in her cottage home. One day Paddy gets caught, and instead of calling the police or throwing blunt objects at him, Jenny invites Paddy inside for a chat. A strange relationship grows between them, and when Jenny's boyfriend goes missing, Paddy is the number one suspect.

The plot is seemingly ridiculous, but I think Stiles pulls off the 'unhealthy mental case' role pretty convincingly, so the fact that she would want to be close to her stalker is actually pretty easy to swallow. All the performances are fine, and the finale all makes a kind of sense; I'm just unsure what the point of this film was. It has a tone like nothing else I've ever seen, which is why it is worth a watch. It's just not that fantastic.

Great to see Stiles on screen though.


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