Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moofies - The Runaways (2010)

EXPECTATIONS: I find it hard to really get into biopics or films about bands or music. They tend to all use very similar cliches and what were probably incredibly ordinary moments are looked at in hindsight as completely amazing and special. I really enjoyed I'm Not There because it was more linked to music than film and said more about Dylan's character than a regular biopic could have. The Runaways music is great though, and I'm keen to see Kristen Stewart in another film that doesn't involve vampires.

REALITY: There are very little surprises in The Runaways and it does follow the typical 'biopic' rules, but it's a lot of fun. Both Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning pull off wearing their outfits without looking like kids in ridiculous dress-ups, and there is a ton of music in this. Honestly, the soundtrack is so good and matched with excellent visuals; it's pretty hard to not enjoy this.

Fanning and Stewart actually sing in the film and they do it well. They also give really strong performances. I never thought I would say that Dakota Fanning could act, but I believed her in this. Micheal Shannon as Kim Fowley is completely over the top and ridiculous, but as far as I know so was Fowley himself, so I bought it.

There are those unfortunate "holy moments" in the film, but not too many of them and they're still fun. This is far from original, and probably not much more than an opportunity to introduce Twilight fangirls to Joan Jett and The Runaways, but why not?


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