Saturday, August 07, 2010

Moofies - Wild Target (2010)

EXPECTATIONS: Bill Nighy just oozes cool, Emily Blunt is really easy to watch, and I'm curious to see if little Ron Weasley has grown up to be less annoying and reliant on fart jokes.

REALITY: This is extremely fun to watch.

Victor Maynard (Nighy, with possibly one of the coolest character names of all time) plays a hitman who is considering settling down and retiring. His recent target is Rose (Blunt), a sneaky thief who is constantly ripping people off and living life on the wild side. Victor can't bring himself to kill Rose because he feels a connection to her. While saving Rose's life from another killer, Victor meets Tony (Rupert Grint), a stoner who just happened to be hanging around near a carpark when Rose was almost killed. Tony shows a natural talent for all things killer so Victor takes him under his wing, and the two of them try to keep the minxy Rose out of harms way.

The casting in this film is spot on. All three leads get to play to their strengths and despite being simplistic, cartoony characters in a completely predictable plot, the film is extremely enjoyable.

One subplot involving Victor questioning his sexuality is poorly executed and strange. Victor thinks perhaps he is attracted to Tony, but because of the huge age gap between the two and the father figure that he has become it feels more like Victor is contemplating pedophilia rather than homosexuality. Thankfully, this subplot is brief and doesn't ruin what is otherwise a great film.


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