Monday, March 29, 2010

Moofies - Micmacs

EXPECTATIONS: Jean-Pierre Jeunet is responsible for Delicatessen,The City of Lost Children and Amelie; films which were mega detailed, imaginative and hard not to like. He did direct Alien Resurrection though, so who knows. I expect that each shot of this film will be extremely thought out and filled with crazy detail, but will it be great?

REALITY: I feel a bit ripped off. The detail is all there, and there are some pretty interesting moral ideas presented in this film, but it's overshadowed completely by icky cutesy vomit inducing blah.

The film begins with the death of the main character's father. It's all told quickly and it's really sharp. Then we see the main character Bazil (Dany Boon) as an adult. He gets a bullet to the head that cannot be taken out. Rather than blame the people who killed himself and his father, Bazil blames the weapons manufacturers. He meets a rat tag team of people who live in a house made of garbage, and they come up with completely intricate, but ludicrous, plans to take down two weapon companies.

It's all very well put together and Juenet shows that he can expertly show us crazy situations without any unnecessary confusion. He also adds to the rewatchability of the film by layering it with posters for 'Micmacs' itself and other details which I'm sure I missed. The problem is the cutesy nature of the characters. Even if the whole film is some kind of afterlife experience (which it may or may not be) it's still far too cute to swallow. It wants to be precious so badly that it ruins itself for me.


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