Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Favourite Television Characters Of All Time - Part One

Thanks to Mister Dave Micenko, who I am totally ripping this idea from.

I have, in no particular order, chosen my top ten male and top ten female characters from television series. I have not included characters that started out in comic books, because then this list would predominantly be characters from Batman and be a little boring really.

I've divided this list into a few separate posts in order to try and not scare you away with one huge chunk of telly rant text. Also, I have some housework to do which will not get done if I sit and write this whole list at once. Also, semi-spoilers, but not too many I think.

SO, without further ado, let's get on with...


1 - Daniel Jackson (Micheal Shanks) - Stargate SG1

James Spader first played Daniel Jackson back when he still had a neck in the 1994 film Stargate. Micheal Shanks took on the role for the television series spin-off Stargate SG1, trying his hardest to impersonate Spader, complete with constant sneezing and amazing shoulder length long hair.

Jackson is the only person with the brains to unlock the secrets of the Stargate. He firstly figures out what it is, and then how it can be used. The Stargate opens wormholes all over the universe, and a bunch of wacky adventures and two spin-off series happen (three if you count the animated one).

What makes Daniel Jackson a great character, other than his good looks and his unintentionally hilarious mannerisms, is the way he treats people. He's an archeologist with mega brains who clashes ideologically with the military organisation that he is working within. Jack O'Neill is the military leader of SG1, the team that Jackson is a part of. Jack and Daniel don't get along at all at first, but after saving each others lives many times we see a strong bond grow between the characters. Despite their ideological differences they have huge respect and love for one another.

Jackson also represents a realistic and balanced way of approaching new cultures and civilizations, at least when compared to other science fiction television journeymen. He's very respectful of difference and sees value in studying other cultures, but he also backs up his team mates and, for the most part, follows the commands of Jack O'Neill. There are many occasions where he sees something in a culture that he sees as morally wrong. Jack will be all "Aragjhgdkd this is awful. They suck", but Daniel will be all, "If we approach the problem in this specific kind of way then maybe we can make a change for the better that will be beneficial to all parties involved". He's an idealist and a total knowledge bank, which is a sweet combination.

Daniel has a bit in common with ST:TNG's Data, in that he spouts unwanted information at every given opportunity. It gets a bit tiresome, but it's also one of the stupid things that I love about him.

Daniel Jackson reaches a higher plane of existence in season 5 called 'ascension'. In season 6 Daniel tries to break the rules of ascension and help his fellow team mates. It's this kind of awesome middle ground that I totally dig about him. He wants to do what is right by everyone.

That's it for now. More to come...

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