Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moofies - The Losers (2010)

EXPECTATIONS: This is yet another comic book film, so I HAVE to see it. I haven't read The Losers before, but I know that it's a DC Vertigo book. Vertigo books are always at least interesting and different, so hopefully this film will be too. It's co-written by James Vanderbilt, the writer of the awesome Zodiac, so this could be great.

REALITY: This is pretty far from what I'd expect from a Vertigo book, but I still totally enjoyed it.

"The Losers" are a CIA black ops team. In the opening scenes they avoid assassination, but the world believes that they are dead. While hiding out they cross paths with Zoe "Uhura" Saldana who says she can help them get back at Max, the man behind their assassination, and the super happy action times continue.

Max is played by an old and painfully bad Jason Patric, and the storyline is fairly simplistic, but despite these downfalls I really dug this film. The action is stylish, but not in an unwatchable annoying way; it looks great. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a great leading action man, Chris Evans is funny like he should be, and the rest of the team all do what you want them to do. Occasionally some of the humour falls short, but mostly it works, and despite their stupidity, all of the action scenes are great.

The film ends very open and begging for a sequel. I just hope enough people go and see this so that we get one. I thought it was great.


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