Friday, May 14, 2010

Moofies - Mister Lonely

EXPECTATIONS: The DVD case is bright pink and tells me pretty much nothing, except that Harmony Korine is the guy behind this film. He was also behind Gummo and Ken Park, so hopefully this will be another extremely unsettling look at teenagers or something.

REALITY: I don't really understand what I just watched. A Mexican Chris Lilley lookalike plays a guy who has taken on the persona of Micheal Jackson in Paris. While doing a show at an old people's home he meets a woman who has taken on the persona of Marilyn Monroe (Samantha Morton). Monroe brings Micheal to a farm where a group of other impersonators live together commune style.

This impersonator story intercuts with a tale of nuns who drop supplies from planes over small villages. A nun falls from the plane, through the sky, lands on the hard ground and miraculously survives. This miracle is attempted again, which means we see nuns falling out of planes on BMX bikes, flying and flipping through the sky.

The imagery in Mister Lonely is pretty fantastic, but it almost feels like the narrative is not necessary. I was watching this film in the same way I would watch a regular film, trying to follow some kind of theme or story, but it felt more like watching a film that you would see in an art gallery. There are a few ideas and themes present, Morton's performance is totally solid, and there are some really beautiful scenes, but as a whole they didn't quite gel for me.


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