Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Favourite Television Characters Of All Time - Part Twenty

Drumroll please...... this is it. Finally, the last character on my list of favourite TV characters (who are in no particular order). SO:

#20 - She-Ra (badly animated ass-kicking hippy Barbie doll) - She-Ra - Princess of Power

She-Ra is possibly the coolest spin-off TV show in the history of spin-off TV shows. Masters of the Universe was making bazillions, but they wanted something for girls, and they gave us She-Ra, which when compared to the original series is a shining example of 1980s animated awesomeness. The animation is pretty much identical, but there is an actual origin story for the character, the bad guys are actually kind of scary (seriously, I love Skeletor as much as the next '80s kid, but for a guy with a skull for a head he was pretty high on the list of least scary bad guys (next list??) ), and the plot has a little bit more going on. Watched alone it is still a glorious 1980s mess, but it is a much better written one than Masters of the Universe. I love that it's aimed at girls. The 'love interest' character looks exactly like what you would expect a 1980s animated gay man to look like. Are little girls who grew up watching this now strangely attracted to men with mustaches and tight pants?

Anyhow, She-Ra is the twin sister of He-Man (or Adora is the twin sister of Adam if you want to get technical). The evil Hordak stole Adora from Eternia when she was a baby and took her to another dimension. She is raised by Hordak and works with his evil minions, ruling the land. The Sorceress has crazy sword dreams and give He-Man a sword, telling him to go this other dimension and return the sword to Adora. Bla, bla, bla, Adora becomes She-Ra when she raises her sword and says, "For the honour of Grayskull". I love how He-Man has the power, but because She-Ra is a woman, she's all about 'honour' for some reason. Adora leads the rebellion, a team of girly colourful characters and one campy gay man, and fights Hordak for a bunch of episodes, which sometimes include He-Man.

I like She-Ra for mostly the same reasons I like He-Man, except She-Ra is a bit less of a dick. She still says stupid things when she's punching people, and she still has retarded solutions to conflicts, but she's a much nicer character. She cares about the people who are fighting against the rebellion and she is fighting for a cause. I also think that she is smoking hot. Seriously, she looks like a Barbie doll would look if it was attractive and a little more realistic. Sure, she's still ridiculously 'fantasy art' looking, but at least she has an arse and hips and isn't an emaciated stick, like some newer 'sexy' female cartoon characters. She also has amazing huge hair.

...Well that's that then. I should say that I am a sucker for a good list, but I am also likely to completely change my mind at any point. If I were to write this list again in 6 months it may be slightly different, but right now, these 20 TV characters are my favourites. I hope you've enjoyed reading my blabby list.

I really need to watch less TV. At least a little less.


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Dave said...

Omfg. I still haven't worked out if I have a massive crush on her or if I want to BE her. /gay

Good choice!