Monday, May 03, 2010

My Favourite Television Characters Of All Time - Part Twelve

#12 - Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) - Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis

Yep, another ridiculously nerdy choice. I dig Samantha for pretty much the same reasons I dig Scully; she is a totally drop dead hot babe but in a normal-ish way, and she's also totally smart and professional, and she also cares about her friends a whole lot. What's not to like?

Some great Carter moments include her introduction, in which she is mocked by good old Jack O'Neill for being a woman, and then totally shows him up by being really smart and awesome at her job. She also makes a MacGuyver joke in the same episode. HAH!

Sam and Jack grow to totally love each other but also not do anything about it because of their work situation. One incredibly soap-opera awesome moment was when Jack (I think it was Jack. It's been a while since I saw this one) keeps failing the "truth" machine when he re-tells the story of the teams escape from some ship. He fails the lie detector because he isn't admitting to himself that he couldn't leave Carter there alone, trapped, because he was totally in love with her. Awwww.

Like all good female science fiction leads, Carter sticks around while the other stars piss off, and proves that she can totally hold a show together (Scully proved her worth by shining her brightest (....."shining her brightest"??? Do I really want to post that? Maybe if I post it with this it won't feel so bad) when Mulder wasn't around). Carter melds in well with the new cast and kept me watching, even while the team was searching for swords in caves and morphing into Farscape. Urgh! (I almost included a Farscape character on the list, but I haven't finished watching it yet so it didn't feel right, because, you know, this is so important and all).

We get to see Carter promoted throughout the series, and because I'm all totally into the characters, it's really great to see her get pay rises and more badges on her chest. I guess this is a little bit like what parents feel like when their kids do well or something?? That's pretty fucking pathetic..... Anyway, Carter becomes the leader of the Atlantis base when the awful, awful Elizabeth Wier (Torri Higginson) is unable to do so (Remember when we first saw Elizabeth Wier on Stargate SG1, the "Lost City" episodes?? She was played by Jessica Steen and was totally likable. I was more than ready to get behind her and be all "Yeah, you go missy" but then we started to watch Atlantis and she was played by a strange looking woman named Torri, whose boyfriend was played by the same guy (I'm pretty sure) who played Carter's alien boyfriend with the silver suit and Schroedinger the cat (ugh) on SG1. God! Torri tries her hardest to be Sigourney Weaver but she just isn't, and she also makes really awful decisions as a leader that put her crew in constant danger. It's nice how much the team all love and respect her, but she is horrible and when Sam took over I was pretty ecstatic. Also, Jewel Staite joined the show as the new doctor at the same time which made me extra happy, and I'VE MET HER IN REAL LIFE! YEAH!).

....what was I saying? Yeah, Carter becomes the leader of Atlantis and does a great job (so far anyway. I'm half way through season 4).

More to come...

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