Sunday, May 02, 2010

My Favourite Television Characters Of All Time - Part Eleven

I wrote some directions on the back of my character list and left it in the car for a bit, but this morning I remembered to take it out, and thus the nerdy list continues....

#11 - Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) - The X-Files

Dana Scully gets assigned by the FBI to work with Fox Mulder and keep tabs on him. She feels conflicted about the whole thing but very quickly sees that Mulder is a champ who does his job really well and becomes his biggest supporter.

Scully is all about conflict. She believes in the quantifiable and the scientific and believes that even strange cases can be explained with the right facts, but some of her experiences working with Mulder force her to accept that not everything can be explained. She has a religious background, which is yet another conflict. How can someone believe in science while also believing in faith and the church? Some of my favourite episodes are all about this conflict. Scully also struggles to balance her personal life with her work. She wants to have a husband and kids, while also realising that her work is extremely important and this may never happen.

Scully and Mulder grow closer and closer throughout the series. Their close friendship becomes more than that, but that's not important. Some of the greatest fanglee moments are when Scully and Mulder hug each other or touch each others hands after a crazy death-defying episode. I totally buy their intimacy.

Lastly, and most importantly, Scully is the sexiest woman on television (I think so anyway) and also a totally strong female character. She always wears professional clothes; whether they be huge shoulder padded jackets or sleeker skirts and shirts, Scully looks and acts like a professional. A lot of science fiction shows sex up their female stars at least once (see the most horrible and painful episode of Stargate SG1 - 104 "Emancipation, or rather, don't) but as far as I can recall, Scully is never sexed up (unless you count that creepy computer game version of her, but I choose to forget that because it was just some picture and not Gillian Anderson in some cleavage top).

Anyway, fan rant over. I'll post again about more of my favourite female telly characters soon.

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