Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moofies - Cop Out (2010)

EXPECTATIONS: I've seen and at least partly enjoyed every Kevin Smith film that's been released so far. I enjoy how he has semi-likable characters go on nerdy rants about comic book and Star Wars. He doesn't really show any directorial visual flare, but I enjoy his dialogue (to a certain extent). This is Kevin Smith's first foray into directing something that he didn't write. The trailer promises a painfully unfunny piece of crap, so that is what I expect.

REALITY: Cop Out is a painfully unfunny piece of crap. HAH!

No, I didn't hate it all that much. For the most part Cop Out is a boring, average buddy cop movie starring Bruce Willis and some loud black guy with a woman's name. I can sit through boring, average buddy cop movies easily so I enjoyed this a little, but the humour is pretty painful.

There are only so many jokes I can sit through without even cracking a smirk before I start to feel uncomfortable. I honestly didn't laugh at anything in this film, yet I felt like I was being urged to laugh at almost everything. I would have much preferred if Smith directed this film with zero jokes. It looks okay, the action scenes aren't all that bad, and it very occasionally becomes watchably average. It just fails when it gets so strangely unfunny.

I look forward to when Smith decides to make more movies about people in dead end jobs talking about Transformers or making pornography.


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