Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moofies - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009)

EXPECTATIONS: I've recently finished reading the first novel of the Steig Larsson trilogy and I have to say that it reads like a film. The writing is kind of stodgy and uninteresting, but the storyline seems like it would make a great film. Hopefully the film version doesn't just destroy all that the book had going for it.

REALITY: This isn't bad at all.

The visuals are pretty spot on to the pictures I had in my mind when reading the novel which was a nice surprise. Blomkvist, the hero of the story, is kind of ugly and boring like I imagined he would be, Salander is a thing gothy woman who looks much younger than she actually is, and the locations look like I imagined they would.

The storyline involves Blomkvist, a journalist, being hired to solve a decades old mystery. He paws over old images looking for clues that have been missed. The film captures this long, slow but interesting process very well I think.

Salander, the title character, is a hacker who plays by her own rules (oooooooo). She ends up becoming embroiled in Blomkvist's case and helping him try and solve the case of the missing child.

This film (and novel for that matter) is far from original, but there is a certain dark and slow tone that I really enjoyed. It's pretty much like watching an excellent crime tele-movie. The characters are simple but interesting enough, the plot involves clues that lead to the inevitable conclusion, and there are a couple of twists and surprises. It's not rocket science or original at all, but it's still an enjoyable film and a very decent adaptation of the source material.



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