Monday, November 22, 2010

Moofies - Skyline (2010)

EXPECTATIONS: This is going to be a mega budget alien fest. The trailer looks like someone saw District 9 and Cloverfield and decided to rip them off. While it might not be the most original film I’ve ever seen, I really hope that it’s an entertaining braindead way to kill 92 minutes.

REALITY: Sometimes I forget how important it is to care about the characters that I’m watching; something the Strauss brothers also neglected to think about when making this film. After enduring a quick set up with some dull cheating/pregnant/predictable conflicts, blue lights fall from the sky and people start acting strange and/or being sucked up into enormous expensive looking visual effect space ships. I got a little excited, thinking that perhaps this would be the beginning of the fun part of the film, but I was sadly mistaken. What followed was a bunch of annoying characters complaining and saying lines like, “Don’t you get it? We’re at war!”. I’m not opposed to trashy dialogue and unoriginal storylines, but there is zero heart in this film. It’s all very flat and dull and no fun at all. Some of the visual effects are nice and gory, but it’s not enough to make this worth seeing.


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