Monday, November 22, 2010

Moofies - I Love You Too (2010)

EXPECTATIONS: Brendan Cowell has shown he can carry a movie, Peter Dinklage is the coolest, and Peter Helliar is funny on television. Hopefully he can write a good film script.

REALITY: Despite being extremely flawed, this film is still really likable. Cowell plays Jim, a guy who loves his long time girlfriend but can't say those three committal words "I love you". On a sad drunken binge, Jim becomes involved in the life of Charlie (Dinklage). Jim's best mate Blake (Helliar) begins to feel neglected and comedy and drama ensue.

Some of the jokes work extremely well and some fall flat, some of the dramatic elements work well and some just feel a little forced. Despite these flaws, I still liked all of the characters and it was clear that the film makers did too. The plot could have been too "random" and "quirky" but it all plays out in way that actually feels pretty straight forward and believable.

After watching some pretty ordinary drama/rom-coms this year (The Back Up Plan, The Switch) it was nice to see something at least a little bit original, with characters that I liked, and it's always great to see Australians on screen.


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