Monday, November 22, 2010

Moofies - (2010)

EXPECTATIONS: So, you know Noel Clarke, that guy who played Billie Piper's boyfriend in Doctor Who? He co-wrote and directed this film. I have no idea what to expect.

REALITY: Four BFFs with their own mega life dramas going on are inadvertently caught up in a jewel robbery. The story breaks into four parts as we follow each girls' adventures over the same time period, complete with 'clever' links between characters. Some of the camera shots and edits are pretty neat and it's obvious that Clarke has talent; it's just waaaaaay too long. These characters are all pretty interesting and the stupid jewel thief storyline is okay, but sitting through it all for 2 hours, I felt like I was watching a mini-series all in one sitting. It felt a lot like Skins but not quite as good. Also, some bizarro cameos which I did not expect at all.

Not amazing, but not all bad either.


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