Monday, November 22, 2010

Moofies - After Life (2009)

EXPECTATIONS: This looks dumb.

REALITY: I hate Liam Neeson. I just don't get why he gets work? He walks onto film sets and in his half asleep, dead pan voice he wanders through films with little to no effort and walks home with a big fat paycheck. I just don't understand.

ANYWAY, in After Life Neeson plays a funeral director. Christina Ricci dies in a car accident and Neeson has to get her ready for her funeral. That's when she wakes up and starts freaking out. Is she dead and Neeson can talk to her spirit, or is she being prepared for burial while she is still alive?

The premise isn't actually that terrible, but it isn't a strong enough one for a feature film and would have worked much better as a short. The acting is all pretty blah and I very quickly starting wishing for the closing credits to roll.

There is one thing that will make a lot of you want to watch this though: Christina Ricci looks pretty amazing with no clothes on.


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