Monday, November 22, 2010

Moofies - Altitude (2010)

EXPECTATIONS: In the trailer for this I saw a huge octopus monster in the sky grabbing a small plane, so I expect that I will at least enjoy that bit.

REALITY: Adrianna from 90210 has just got her pilot license and she decides to take her buddies on a flight before she goes off to college or something. There are tensions set up between the characters and it's all pretty standard horror movie stuff, then the skies start to go dark and strange occurrences begin.

The 'twists' in this film are so obvious that they can be spotted in the opening scenes, but it's still played out at a pretty entertaining and decent pace, and yes, I did get to see a huge octopus thing in the sky so I was pretty happy with that.

No surprises; just an easy to watch time killer.


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